Stellarium 4pda

Release notes

The first bugfix release for series 0.19

Packages notes

package note
stellarium-0.19.1.tar.gz Stellarium 0.19.1 for UNIX/Linux (source code). MD5: a1a81b600822c5d85661b4dbe9d9bbcb SHA1: ff344208d71e9f66bb3b893acf7d92358bed1760
stellarium- Stellarium for Windows (32-bit; Windows 7+) based on Qt 5.9.8 (Visual Studio 2015 Community) with media support. MD5: 4034ec5e69f84377c092f443f903de74 SHA1: 596f4376942eb89ef72d4c7463af4af111f976e1
stellarium- Stellarium for Windows (64-bit; Windows 7+) based on Qt 5.9.8 (Visual Studio 2015 Community) with media support. MD5: c225e4b4ebe96752cc565270127aa21a SHA1: e483e1469b838f3766e9a13deab254ac7b5109ae
Stellarium-0.19.1.dmg Stellarium 0.19.1 for Mac OS X (64-bit; Mac OS X 10.10+) based on Qt 5.9.8 (AppleClang 9.0.0) with media support and without digital signature. MD5: 849cb518549aa68fa7b4de3557d68c81 SHA1: 2b27b5db77d64ec61cf9f1831a4e21f47fbbc176
Stellarium-0.19.1-x86_64.AppImage Stellarium 0.19.1 for Linux (64-bit; eglibc 2.19) based on Qt 5.9.8 (GCC 4.8.4) with media support. MD5: 2cd1606cf3da13a9599c356fd0d1e1db SHA1: 72758d05d85e9f1eb36809ed0798378cbecac440


Full list of changes:

  • Added allow to search an inactive meteor showers in Search Tool/Lists tool
  • Added ‘Azimuth vs. Time’ graph into AstroCalc/Graphs tool
  • Added feature to show tracks for latest several selected planets (GH: )
  • Added calculation and showing the orbital period for artificial satellites
  • Added revolutions per day info for artificial satellites
  • Added tools for jumping to the next or previous time of rising, transit or setting for selected object (GH: )
  • Added new behavoir for AstroCalc/Graphs when clicking within graph area now sets current time.
  • Added simplification in topocentric correction (GH: )
  • Added parallactic angle function (added it to infostring and infomap also)
  • Added hour angle and sidereal time to infomap
  • Added apply rotation when drawing Solar Corona (GH: )
  • Fixed draw corona when atmosphere is switched off
  • Fixed airmass in infomap
  • Fixed issue in script ‘Mercury Triple Sunrise and Sunset’
  • Fixed crash of Stellarium for eyepieces with permanent crosshair
  • Fixed Stellarium crash when Remote Control plugin is working
  • Fixed computation of assume radius for minor planets.
  • Fixed the issue of the scrolling not working properly on Mac (GH: )
  • Fixed crash in Scripting Engine (Hide artificial satellites through StelProperties in core.clear() method
    to avoid crash if plugin was didn’t loaded)
  • Fixed planetarium crash in HiPS (network manager delete problem)
  • Fixed position problems on the Poles (GH: )
  • Fixed scaling Telrad sign on HighDPI monitors
  • Fixed surface occlusion bug even with landscape turned off in scripting engine (GH: )
  • Fixed building with cmake -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON (GH: )
  • Fixed error in constellation file format (Babylonian)
  • Fixed Europe/Volgograd time zone settings (GH: )
  • Fixed HiPS handling of allsky download (GH: )
  • Fixed progress bar rendering (GH: )
  • Fixed positive declinations issue in AstroCalc tool when option ‘Use decimal degrees’ is enabled (GH: )
  • Fixed file names inconsistency
  • Fixed constellation line in «Japanese Moon Stations» skyculture
  • Fixed file name for constellation boundaries in Stellarium User Guide
  • Fixed the user interface problems in Oculars plug-in (GH: )
  • Fixed getting the wrong values in objects/info method for selected object for different formats (Remote Control plugin)
  • Fixed refresh plots when AstroCalc dialog becomes visible again (AstroCalc/Graphs tool)
  • Fixed jquery vulnerability (GH: )
  • Fixed date and time dialog behaviour: Hour/Minute/Second spinners now correctly trigger signals dateChanged(), dateChangedByYear and dateChangedForMonth() when days, months or years are affected by it.
  • Fixed update graphs in AstroCalc/Graphs tool when days change
  • Updated planetary nomenclature
  • Updated common names of stars and DSO’s
  • Updated cmake rules for Windows deployment
  • Updated DSO textures
  • Updated behaviour of HiPS survey if Stellarium started without network (GH: )
  • Updated GUI for ArchaeoLines plugin (GH: , )
  • Updated default pulsars catalog (v1.60)
  • Updated list of asterisms
  • Updated AstroCalc tools: many optimizations
  • Excluded Armintxe skyculture and landscape from default package
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